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May 07, 2021

Klingspor is unveiling a new line of brushes.
What do wheel, bevel, cup-shaped, and end brushes have in common? They and many more are now part of Klingspor's extensive product range. This finally puts users in a position to remove stubborn dirt, remnants of burr or rust with tools that are manufactured with the quality they have come to expect from Klingspor.

Klingspor wire brushes for metalworking

Wire brushes are a common tool used in metalworking for the quick and easy removal of dirt from metal surfaces. Wire brushes of high quality should therefore be an integral part of every toolbox as they perform equally well in combination with electric tools or during off-hand sanding applications. “Customers have kept asking for years whether we carry technical brushes as well. We are thrilled that we are now able to offer our customers an extensive and well-conceived assortment of brushes”, declares Anton Bodrin, Head of Product Management at Klingspor.


Different versions for the perfect outcome
Klingspor makes these handy all-rounders available in numerous versions. No matter if they are knotted or corrugated or if they come with a rust-free or premium steel wire, with a brass wire or with polyamide bristles: the brushes included in Klingspor’s wide selection offer the right tool for any application. Better yet, the product range also includes a large variety of shapes: Wheel brushes for preparing and finishing weld seams, pipeline brushes for cleaning U/V seams in pipeline, pipework or container construction; bevel brushes for work in hard-to-access areas; cup-shaped brushes for cleaning large surfaces; end brushes for cleaning drill holes or indentations. To round out the product selection, Klingspor also offers high-quality hand brushes that can be used to clean surfaces and weld seams by hand.


Proven Klingspor quality
Klingspor wire brushes metalworking catalogueThe technical brushes engineered by Klingspor are the perfect tools for treating surfaces in a quick and efficient manner. Comprehensive quality tests ensure that these brushes will keep working with perfect reliability even after a great many applications. The brushes manage to impress with their excellent concentricity; their bristles are firmly anchored in the carrier and will therefore stand up to even the highest loads. Thanks to their ergonomic form, these hand brushes fit pleasantly in your hand.

To ensure the products are used in the proper way, Klingspor also offers an extensive guide (brochure) on the new line-up of brushes as a free download.