More than 400 participants per year

Oct 16, 2014

KLINGSPOR imparts expert knowledge to customers and employees at its training centre.

The KLINGSPOR currently encompasses over  50,000 different grinding tools including the corresponding accessories. This is a boon for professionals who do grinding work, and for less experienced users sometimes a curse: Which type of grain is suitable for which material? What has to be borne in mind for the bond? Which backing do I require for my specific application? The KLINGSPOR training centre provides well-founded, comprehensive answers to questions like these, which repeatedly arise when using abrasives,. The transfer of knowledge to customers and employees from all  over the world takes place in training courses lasting one or more days, and the participants vary just as much as the KLINGSPOR product range. It is not just users and dealers from South America to Australia who accept the offer of training; school classes ranging from elementary to vocational schools also let themselves be introduced to the world of abrasives.

Practical part

The practical part, for which many stationary and hand-operated machines are available, regularly prompts genuine Aha! reactions among the participants. Here the participants can personally compare different versions of products from different manufacturers with one another in practice. Over and again it is evident: the purportedly highest class abrasive is not necessarily also the one with the greatest stock removal, the longest service life or the fastest cuts. However it is the right combination of workpiece geometry, material, abrasive and machine which is absolutely crucial.


The reason why this is the case is conveyed to the participants in the theoretical part of the training courses. Detailed lectures by experts with first-hand knowledge of grinding, multimedia presentations with videos and informative graphics and hands-on instruction using raw materials and product models put across comprehensive knowledge about products and applications. At the same time the didactic preparation of the subject matter also  ensures that the newly-acquired knowledge is memorised sustainably and the transfer from theory to everyday practice is made as simple as possible.


The KLINGSPOR training concept is rounded off by the web-based training portal (WBT). Basic information on the subject of grinding and the content of the training for the respective product groups is available at In this way the training participants have the opportunity to follow-up on what they have learned and to acquire more knowledge on all aspects of the subject of grinding tools in private study.

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