The new Kronenflex® EDGE by Klingspor!

May 07, 2021

The new Kronenflex® EDGE by Klingspor! The best cutting-off wheel for steel, stainless steel, and aluminium – a longer service life with clean cuts until the wheel finally wears out.
EDGE Flyer Cover ENKronenflex® EDGE – speedy, stable, safe
With the Kronenflex® EDGE Klingspor's engineers managed to join their decades-long know-how with the feedback they received from their customers. The result is the best cutting-off wheel Klingspor has ever made available in their premium segment.

Its self-sharpening, mono-crystalline grain keeps the wheel evenly sharp and lets it deliver the same cutting performance throughout the entire cutting process.

The low heat generation keeps the wheel from clogging prematurely even when used for such tough jobs as cutting through aluminium. To the user, this translates to: A longer service life with clean cuts until the wheel finally wears out.
This makes the Kronenflex® EDGE the perfect complement for any selection of cutting-off wheels and should not be missing from any sales rack.

EDGE areas of application

Klingspor’s premium multi-metal thin cutting-off wheel

The Kronenflex® EDGE cutting-off wheel is suited for nearly all types of materials and marries the best of two worlds: It cuts faster than ordinary 1.6 mm wheels while also lasting longer than 1.0 mm wheels. Boasting a thickness of 1.2 mm, the Kronenflex® EDGE is the ideal wheel for anyone in need of both: fast cutting speed and the longest possible service life.
Edge advantages
The Kronenflex® EDGE Flyer is available for free download: Flyer - Kronenflex® EDGE cutting-off wheel