FSR 618 Abrasive mop for Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Filling compound

Pleated mop – ideal tool for joints, grooves, and slots

There is no better tool than a pleated mop when you need to give a fine surface finish to hard-to-reach places like joints, grooves, and slots. The FSR 618 is an excellent option for sanding

  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • wood,
  • filler surfaces,
  • paint, and
  • varnish.

The pleated mop is distinguished from other abrasive mop products by its pleated flaps that are arranged in pairs. Penetrating deep into joints, grooves, slots, and corners, they deliver an outstanding work result in these hard-to-access places. The FSR 618 model stands out with its ability to reach deep into channels. It performs exceedingly well when combined with a straight grinder, a bench grinder or a flexible shaft.

A high-quality bond and a strong grain for reliable sanding

The FSR 618 uses aluminium oxide grit. Aluminium oxide is a synthetic produced grain. Marked by an irregular, crystalline structure, this material is exceedingly hard and tough. The grain is bonded to the backing with synthetic resin to provide for the best grit adhesion possible. Synthetic resin is exceptionally strong and boasts extraordinary adhesive force. Klingspor offers this pleated mop with different grit sizes, covering a range from coarse to fine sanding applications.

The perfect result requires the perfect tool

Choosing the abrasive tool that is perfect for the job and matching it with the most suitable abrasive grain is pivotal to achieving the desired work result. Working with this pleated mop leads to a very fine finish on metal, plastic or wood. The abrasive has been optimised with regard to stability and wear characteristics. The tear-resistant, flexible cotton backing ensures the necessary edge stability when used on the face and allows consumed grain to break out. The result is a uniform and continuous line structure that shows only minimum indentations and a smooth surface. Any other abrasive with the same grit size will produce a much rougher surface that shows significantly more contrast. The diameter of the pleated mop for joints, grooves and slots depends on the running speed of the machine used. If the FSR 618 is fitted on a machine with variable speed, the speed is adjusted to suit the safe running speed and diameter of the pleated mop.

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