KMT 614 Small abrasive mop for Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide

KMT 614 – small abrasive mop for metal

The perfect tool for metalworking applications

This small abrasive mop has been specially designed for handheld machines. It can be used in radial and face grinding. This abrasive mop is well suited for work on

  • metal,
  • wood and
  • plastic.

What are the benefits of a small abrasive mop?

The abrasive flaps of this mop are positioned in a cup-shaped arrangement. Its flexible abrasive flaps guarantees optimum adaptation to the contours of the workpiece. The abrasive grain is composed of aluminium oxide and bonded to the flap with synthetic resin. The product produces a smooth scratch pattern thanks to the adaptation of the flaps to the surface structure of the workpiece. During sanding, only the edges of the abrasive flaps come into contact with the surface of the workpiece. Consequently, only the working edges of the flaps wear off, constantly providing the user with fresh abrasive grain. The result is a consistent scratch pattern throughout the entire service life of the small abrasive mop.

Things to keep in mind when using the small abrasive mop

In order to allow KMT 614 to produce the best possible results on metal and other materials, it is important to operate the straight grinder, drill or flexible shaft at the correct speed (20 - 25 m/s). For safety reasons, care must be taken that the maximum permissible speed, depending on the exposed shaft length, is not exceeded. Conversely, a rate of speed that is too low will lead to poor sanding results. Insufficient speed will cause the abrasive flaps to be more exposed on the workpiece on account of the applied contact pressure. The product will, thus, sand a larger area, resulting in increased friction between small abrasive mop and workpiece. The friction will, in turn, generate heat both in the workpiece and in the abrasive mop. This excessive heat results in both changes to the scratch pattern and shortens the lifetime of the abrasive flaps. For safety observe the minimum clamping length of 20 mm.

Things to keep in mind when switching from an abrasive belt to an abrasive mop

When used with the same grit size, the small abrasive mop will produce a finer scratch pattern compared to an abrasive belt. The surface structure of the metal will show longer, more continuous lines compared to an abrasive belt. An abrasive mop reduces the chance of undercutting the material on the workpiece surface. All in all, an abrasive mop produces a finish that is finer and blended. Users who wish to create a specific scratch pattern, should therefore pair their small abrasive mop with a relevant grit size.