KL 371 X Retail packs Abrasive cloth for Metals, NF metals

Bonding agent Glue
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton
NF metals
Metal construction

Abrasive sheet Klingspor KL 371 X for flexible use during off-hand sanding

The abrasive sheets by Klingspor are convenient and highly versatile. For work on metal the special product KL 371 X offers such optimised properties as

  • an adhesive bond,
  • a corundum grain,
  • a close coating and a
  • tear resistant cotton backing.

Supplied in Retail packs, these abrasive sheets are ideal for distribution in hardware stores and at specialist retailers. What is more, the Retail packs allow for convenient storage in trade and industry. Thanks to the hanging tab, the packs can be stored in an easy-to-find location and keep the products safely protected against potential damage at the same time.

Abrasive sheet for metalworking

While the processing of metal is largely left to machines, it is often necessary to perform certain tasks by hand, e.g. reworking or grinding in places that are hard to reach. Indispensable for these types of metalworking applications, handheld abrasive paper remains an essential tool for trade, industry, and private use. Off-hand sanding is possible either by hand with the abrasive sheet or indirectly by means of an abrasive block. Each abrasive sheet can be cut precisely to the size needed for these applications.

A robust bond and a hard grain – abrasive sheet by Klingspor

The X-cotton used for the backing of the abrasive sheet KL 371 X makes the product exceptionally resistant to tearing. Glue is a classic bonding agent for handheld abrasive paper. It embeds the grain with a firm and secure connection. The abrasive grain used is corundum. Composed of aluminium oxide, the synthetic material is distinguished by its extraordinary toughness and hardness. Boasting a blocky, uniform crystalline structure, the corundum grain achieves macro wear characteristics. These properties make synthetic grains fundamentally different from such classic natural materials as flint, emery and garnet. The handheld abrasive paper offers a long service life and, as a result, consistently excellent results.

Always within reach: abrasive sheet with different grits

Metalworking applications are almost unthinkable without having a suitable manual abrasive at hand. Klingspor offers their abrasive sheets for metal with different grits, ensuring that the user will always have the work material best suited for the job - from coarse sanding to fine finishing.