PS 22 F ACT Strips with paper backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing F-paper
Filling compound
NF metals
Wood processing industry

Perfect for hardwood – the Klingspor abrasive strips PS 22 F ACT

Klingspor has designed the abrasive strips PS 22 F ACT especially for work on hardwood. In addition to many other positive attributes, this abrasive offers such outstanding characteristics as

  • excellent edge stability and
  • minimal clogging.

The abrasive strips PS 22 F ACT are available in a broad selection of grit sizes.

The grain made of aluminium oxide – hard, tough and applied with a close coating

The Klingspor abrasive strips PS 22 F ACT come with a category F paper backing. This backing makes the product ideal for such applications as surface sanding, which require an exceptionally strong abrasive. Applied to the backing is a grain made of aluminium oxide. Hard and tough, this grain combines a high removal rate with a long service life. The aluminium oxide selected for the abrasive PS 22 F ACT is applied with a close coating. Leaving behind next to no spaces, this coating provides for a high stock removal rate and a long service life.

Minimal clogging thanks to antistatic finish

To keep the abrasive strips from clogging while used for sanding hardwood in spite of its close coating, the PS 22 F ACT has been coated with an antistatic finish. Added to this finish are electrically conductive ingredients which ensure that the static electric charges, invariably generated by the sanding friction, can be safely discharged via the abrasive and, ultimately, the sander. This dissipation ensures reduced adherence of abrasive dust both to the workpiece and to the abrasive and the machine. An antistatic finish thereby lets users sand continuously and saves them the trouble of a premature tool change. Just as with all of their other abrasives, Klingspor uses synthetic resin for the top size coat of this product. The synthetic manufacturing of the resin ensures that the abrasive belts and abrasive strips retain their excellent qualities. Another advantage synthetic resin holds over other bonding agents is its combination of ultra strength and strong bonding force. The synthetic resin creates a strong bond between the backing and the abrasive grain.