PS 8 A Sheets with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing A-paper
Filling compound
Paint shops
Plastics processing industry
Vehicle maintenance

Highly flexible – the abrasive sheets PS 8 A by Klingspor

The Klingspor abrasive sheets PS 8 A are highly flexible, which makes them the tool of choice for workpieces with contoured surfaces or profiles. They are well suited for hand sanding on

  • plastic,
  • varnish,
  • paint and
  • filler.

These abrasive sheets perform equally well during dry and wet sanding. The product is primarily available in medium to fine grit sizes.

Ideal for hand sanding: the flexible backing made of A-paper

Klingspor developed their abrasive sheets PS 8 A especially for hand sanding on varnish, paint, plastic and filler. These sheets owe their extraordinary capabilities to their backing made of latex paper, which is highly flexible and shapes perfectly to the contours of the workpiece. The backing is also exceedingly light as it is grouped in the A-paper category, which identifies papers that have the lowest mass per unit area in relation to other paper backings. An optimal finish is guaranteed by the synthetically manufactured silicon carbide grain. Possessing a crystalline structure, this grain is tough, extra hard and exceedingly sharp-edged. Silicon carbide makes it possible to process even tough and hard material surfaces with outstanding effectiveness.

For a long service life and an excellent finish: the close coating and the synthetic resin bond

The Klingspor abrasive sheets PS 8 A owe their long service life to the close coating of their silicon carbide grain. This coating ensures that nearly the entire surface of the abrasive is covered with abrasive grain. Meanwhile, the large number of grain points provides for both a high removal rate and the expedient processing of the individual workpieces. To prevent the abrasive grain from breaking out of the base coat while the abrasive sheets are being used, Klingspor furnishes all of their abrasives with a synthetic resin top size coat. Made synthetically just like all other abrasive grains used by Klingspor, this coat is guaranteed to never lose any of its positive properties. This special coating makes the abrasives engineered by Klingspor a superb option even for series manufacturing and heavy-duty industrial applications.