SW 502 Abrasive block, abrasive sponge for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Grain SiC
Coating Close
Filling compound

Make short work of residual paint with the Klingspor abrasive sponge SW 502

The abrasive sponge SW 502 by Klingspor is an outstanding alternative to abrasive paper. Anyone who has come to appreciate it ease of use will never want to use anything else. This abrasive sponge performs especially well when used for removing remnants of paint. It is suitable for both dry and wet sanding. The abrasive sponge SW 502 has been proven to excel during applications on:

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler,
  • wood, but also on:
  • glue residue,
  • plaster and plasterboard panels.

The abrasive sponge SW 502 fits snugly in your hand

Its elasticity allows the SW 502 to reach even the tightest corners, edges and indentations. The soft foam core lets it penetrate even the most difficult to reach crevices. You can literally sense in your hand the advantage it offers over machinery. Because you can feel what you are doing, users are able to produce flawless results during finishing, blending and roughening. The abrasive sponge truly shines when used on smaller surfaces, e.g. to remove adhesive residue from plasterboard panels that need to be used again. The SW 502 is coated on both sides. Available in the two grit sizes 120 and 200, the silicon carbide grain is exceptionally sharp, leaving no chance to even the toughest remnants of varnish and paint. The choice of the right grit size varies with the material you need to process. The wider the gap between the individual grains, the more efficient the discharge of abrasive dust and debris. This factor needs to be considered especially when dealing with long fibre materials such as wood. The abrasive sponge SW 502 is also sure to deliver excellent results during the final fine processing thanks to its special coating.

The SW 502 offers a host of benefits

In contrast to abrasive paper, this abrasive sponge by Klingspor is washable and reusable. The structure and surface of this sponge are robust and hard enough to hold up even after a long line of applications. Aside from the product's affordable price, this quality is another key economic benefit of the abrasive sponge SW 502. This abrasive comes in an exhaustive selection, allowing the user to find the right product for their specific sanding needs. No other product covers the same range of special applications as the SW 502. This is why no well-stocked toolbox should be without this abrasive sponge.