CS 310 XF Retail packs File belt, abrasive cloth for Stainless steel, Metals, NF metals, Steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing XF-cotton
Stainless steel
NF metals
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Metal construction
Railing construction

Klingspor file belt CS 310 XF for sanding with pinpoint accuracy

The file belt CS 310 XF is the ideal complement to belt sanders that are used on the go. It is exceptionally flexible and an excellent choice for work on

  • metal,
  • stainless steel,
  • steel and
  • NF metal.

The CS 310 XF file belt by Klingspor offers maximum flexibility - especially for tight radii and contours.

High-quality abrasive materials blended to perfection

The file belt comes with a corundum grain that has been applied with a close coating. Composed of aluminium oxide, the synthetic grain is distinguished by its extraordinary toughness and hardness. This combination ensures that the abrasive belt will deliver a high stock removal rate and uniform finish. The premium synthetic resin used as a bonding agent keeps the grain firmly in place. The backing made of XF cotton provides outstanding flexibility. Also exceptionally tear-resistant, the backing contributes to occupational safety and keeping the workpieces protected from damage.

Retail packs for distribution and safe keeping

The Klingspor file belt CS 310 XF is packaged in Retail packs. This type of packaging offers tremendous benefits for hardware stores and at specialist retailers. Dealers can present the product in a space-saving and clearly organised manner. What is more, the packaging offers distinct advantages for warehousing in trade and industry. Meanwhile, the packaging also keeps the file belt safe from damage while kept in storage. When carried in a toolbox as a replacement belt, the product is also safely packaged and protected against damage.

The file belt is manufactured with a secure belt joint

Next to efficiency and performance, occupational safety is one of the most essential aspects for the selection of abrasives. The ends of the CS 310 XF file belt are securely connected with a belt joint. The joint strength is achieved by utilising a strong foil tape which is adhered to the backing of the material. The stable joint makes the file belts ideally suited for demanding requirements.