CS 325 Y Abrasive cloth, KULEX for Stainless steel, Glass, Stone, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC agglom.
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel
Metal construction
Pipeline construction
Stainless steel processing industry

Abrasive belt CS 325 Y – for an excellent, bright finish

The abrasive belt CS 325 Y is an ideal choice for sanding a wide variety of materials. This long-life abrasive belt with its agglomerate grain delivers a bright finish on workpieces of various different shapes. The premium long-life abrasive belt is recommended for processing a large number of different materials, e.g. the sanding of

  • stainless steel,
  • glass,
  • stone and
  • metal.

The CS 325 Y abrasive belt material guarantees a finish of consistently exceptional quality

The abrasive belt CS 325 Y by Klingspor is a long life abrasive belt due to its agglomerate grain bundles. Its benefits include a backing made of Y-polyester. The abrasive belt also offers a combination of reliably high surface quality and outstanding service life. The bonding used for this abrasive belt is made of fully synthetic resin. The applied abrasive material is a silicon carbide agglomerate which is characterised by its exceptional hardness. The abrasive belt CS 325 Y (KULEX) can be used at medium and high contact pressure levels. Waterproof thanks to its Y-polyester backing, the product is a superb choice for wet grinding. Specially engineered for polishing to a high gloss, the agglomerate grain of this long-life abrasive belt creates a bright finish. The silicon grain used is an abrasive that is very hard and boasts exceedingly sharp edges.

KULEX produces a bright and uniform finish on all types of material. Its agglomerate grain makes this long-life abrasive belt equally ideal for grinding tube and flat workpieces.

Abrasive belt CS 325 Y – will produce a bright finish with exceptional ease

The abrasive belt CS 325 Y by Klingspor is beneficial to operators. It is perfectly suited for machine sanding on stainless steel and other types of material. Its main areas of application are when it is used on centreless grinders, surface grinding machines and wide belt sanders. This long-life abrasive belt is the ideal product for rough and finish sanding and guarantees a high quality, bright finish thanks to its agglomerate grain.