CS 409 Y Wide belts with cloth backing for Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Zirconia alumina
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel
Stainless steel processing industry
Steel construction

Klingspor abrasive belt CS 409 Y – the perfect wide belt for processing stainless steel

The abrasive belt CS 409 Y by Klingspor is distinguished by its aggressive abrasive performance, which is the product of its self-sharpening grain and an additional multibond. This type of structure keeps annealing colours from forming on workpieces made of high-alloy steel, allowing for a result of impeccable quality. The multibond also reduces clogging when the belt is used for grinding soft, smearing materials. This wide belt is therefore ideal for grinding

  • stainless steel,
  • aluminium
  • and aluminium alloys.

Closely coated zirconia alumina on a tear-resistant backing

The self-sharpening zirconia alumina of Klingspor’s CS 409 Y provides for a high removal rate and a long service life. This wedge-shaped grain is both hard and exceedingly tough. Since made synthetically, it boasts a uniform crystalline structure. The zirconia alumina of the wide belt CS 409 Y is applied with a close coating, ensuring that the backing surface is almost completely covered with grain. The company uses heavy and tear-resistant polyester as the backing for the zirconia grit. This material is particularly well suited for stock removal grinding and will stand up to even the highest loads during metal processing.

Providing a cooling effect – the multibond

Cool grinding is ensured by the multibond used for this product. This type of coating is added at the of the production process by applying an additional coat to the abrasive belt. It is applied to the size coat and lowers the temperature at the grain tips, thus keeping the material being ground from sticking to the belt. Multibond gives a boost to both the removal rate and the service life of an abrasive belt as it minimises friction heat and keeps the abrasive belt from clogging up prematurely. When the product is used for grinding stainless steel, the coating prevents heat-induced discolouration, which is also referred to as annealing colours. These annealing colours can be prevented completely by a multibond. This is why multibond coatings are widely used for belts engineered to process high-alloy steels - in addition to being a popular choice for abrasives used on stainless steel. The coating reduces the tendency of aluminium, copper, brass or other soft, smearing metals to cling to the belt while being ground, thereby preventing premature clogging.