CS 710 XF File belts for Steel, Stainless steel, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing XF-cotton
Stainless steel
NF metals
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Metal construction
Railing construction

Klingspor CS 710 XF: The gold standard for machine sanding

The Klingspor CS 710 XF file belt has been designed for use on all types of belt sanders and is a great option for work on

  • steel,
  • stainless steel, and
  • NF metal.

Available in a variety of grit sizes, the abrasive belt is a particularly good choice for sanding convex or concaved shaped parts in the metalworking industry or for metal removal.

Powerful abrasive grains for a high removal rate

The CS 710 XF boasts a grit made of aluminium oxide (corundum, hardened and tempered), which is hard and tough. This grit makes the belt the perfect choice for work on various metals. This abrasive maintains a perfect balance between stock removal and service life throughout its entire lifetime. The size coat applied to the file belt CS 710 XF is composed of synthetic resin - just as on all other abrasives made by Klingspor. This material is marked by its unchanging properties and particularly high adhesive force. It also ensures that the abrasive is exceptionally resistant to impact or lateral loads.

Flexible and tear-resistant thanks to cotton backing

The CS 710 XF abrasive belt made by Klingspor is based on a cloth backing made of XF cotton, which makes the belt exceedingly flexible and tear-resistant. These properties make this backing dramatically more robust than a paper backing and allow it to stand up to even the most gruelling loads. The close coating ensures a high removal rate combined with clean and uniformly processed surfaces. These qualities make the file belt CS 710 XF equally ideal for serving as basic equipment for the hand tool belt grinder used by hobbyists and for professional use in the metalworking or metal construction sector.