PS 22 F ACT Belts with paper backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing F-paper
NF metals
Filling compound
Craftsman companies
Wood processing industry

Abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT – the ideal solution for surface sanding on hardwood

The abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT by Klingspor performs exceptionally well when used for sanding hardwood. This abrasive belt is also a fine choice for work on metal, steel, NF metal and plastic. Suitable for rough to finish sanding, the product comes in numerous grit sizes and is available as

  • rolls,
  • wide belts,
  • short and long belts,
  • discs and
  • strips.

These abrasive belts can be fitted on wide belt, long belt and edge sanders as well as on parquet sanding machines. The abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT is predominantly used in the wood processing industry, in craft trades and in companies specialising in parquet flooring. Klingspor always allows customers to choose their own joint types that fit their particular use of the abrasive belts best.

Closely coated aluminium oxide on a stable paper backing - for a uniform scratch pattern

A first-rate sanding result is guaranteed by the hard, yet tough aluminium oxide. This aluminium oxide is applied with a close coating and demonstrates exceptional machining performance, and creates a consistent scratch pattern especially during surface sanding on hardwood. The aluminium oxide grain is fixed in place on a durable F-weight paper backing with a fully synthetic resin bond. Klingspor groups all paper backing into weight categories ranging from A for light paper to G for exceptionally heavy paper.

Minimal clogging thanks to an innovative manufacturing process and an antistatic finish

One stand-out feature of the abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT - apart from its outstanding removal rate - is its minimal clogging tendency. Klingspor applies Advanced Coating Technology during its production to allow for a quick removal of sanding dust and fibres. Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) also extends service life, cutting down operating costs significantly. As an added advantage, the abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT is also equipped with antistatic properties. This finish keeps electrically charged dust from sticking to the workpiece, the abrasive belt and the machine as a whole. Electrically charged dust poses a tremendous challenge even for the most effective dust extraction system. In most cases, the dust proves very difficult to be drawn away and makes it hard for the user to perform their work. The abrasive belt PS 22 F ACT does away with these obstacles.