PS 24 F ACT Belts with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing F-paper
Filling compound
Furniture industry
Plastics processing industry
Stainless steel processing industry
Stainless steel service centre
Wood processing industry

Klingspor spiraband PS 24 F ACT with ultra sharp silicon carbide grain for hard materials

The Klingspor abrasive belt PS 24 F ACT with paper backing is a product designed for intermediate and finish sanding on hard and extra-hard materials. This abrasive paper owes its aggressive abrasive performance to a coating that is made up of sharp silicon carbide. The combination of the close coating of the abrasive grain and its fully synthetic resin bond make this abrasive paper ideal for work on

  • wood composite boards,
  • plastic,
  • composite materials and stainless steel.

The abrasive belt PS 24 F ACT makes it a simple task to remove paint, varnish and remnants of filler compound. This powerful performance lets it produce a brilliant finish in the woodworking and furniture industry as well as in stainless steel service centres.

Reduced clogging thanks to Advanced Coating Technology

The unique advantages of the PS 24 F ACT also come to the fore in the construction of kitchen and bathroom furniture as well as in parquet flooring treatment. The most striking feature of the product is its Advanced Coating Technology. This technology represents a special and highly advanced coating method that is guaranteed to reduce clogging during work on varnishes, filler compounds and wooden materials. The extra antistatic properties of this Klingspor abrasive belt ensure minimal clogging by keeping fine dust at bay with maximum efficiency.

Stable paper backing with a fully synthetic resin bond

Klingspor uses a stable F-weight paper backing as the carrier for the silicon carbide grain of the abrasive belt PS 24 F ACT. The silicon carbide is closely coated, allowing the user to achieve a particularly fine and brilliant finish - especially on stainless steel sheets or coils when the product is fitted on wide belt sanders. Even hard and very tough workpiece surfaces can be ground out very cleanly. Klingspor makes this abrasive paper available for similar applications as long, short and wide belt versions. Similarly, the abrasive paper PS 24 F ACT comes with a wide range of grit sizes.