HF 100 C Carbide burrs

Burr HF 100 C – carbide burrs for surfaces, contours and radii

Today, users can choose from a large variety of burr designs for the processing of flat and rounded surfaces. The burr HF 100 C is suitable for universal use and a good option for the professional grinding of surfaces and contours made of

  • construction steel,
  • NF metal,
  • highly heat-resistant material, and
  • cast iron.

Burrs are the ideal choice for hard-to-reach places on account of their small size. To guarantee the best possible results on any workpiece in terms of stock removal on service life, the carbide burrs come in different “cuts” and head sizes.

Wide range of applications thanks to different burr types

Burrs are an excellent choice for finishing surfaces and for surface levelling of weld seams as well as for processing flat and rounded contours and the precise shaping of radii. The choice of the right burr depends on the size of the workpiece and the material that needs to be processed. Varying with the selected cut, the tool will possess good finishing properties (Cut 2) or reach excellent cutting performance levels (Cut 6). Users who need to perform precision work on contours or radii can choose from different sizes of the cylindrical ball end.

Long lifetime thanks to precise final inspection

Every burr is subjected to a 100% inspection before it ships in order to determine if the workpiece is in flawless condition. The inspection includes a thorough examination of the welded joint. Since all products leaving the warehouse are guaranteed to be faultless, the burr HF 100 C - just as all other tools and work equipment made by Klingspor - delivers a long service life and meets the most stringent safety standards. The carbide burr works well when combined with a flexible shaft, which ideally should be equipped with speed control.