HF 100 M Carbide burrs

Carbide burr HF 100 M for moulded parts

Designed with a pointed cone, the carbide burr HF 100 M is the tool of choice for a great many real-world applications. The product is an excellent option for work on

  • metal,
  • steel, and
  • cast iron.

Suitable applications for the HF 100 M include, for instance, deburring tasks and model building. When used for the latter application, the burr truly shines during work on conical holes and grooves with a bevelled edge. Professional users and hobby craftsmen benefit to an equal degree from the exceptional hardness and durability of this burr.

Carbide burr HF 100 M for any application

The carbide burr HF 100 M by Klingspor is available in a variety of sizes. The differences between the different versions lie in their head diameters, shaft lengths and shaft diameters. Customers can also choose from different cuts. The carbide burr HF 100 M is available with a standard and a double cut. The standard cut (Cut 2) boasts excellent finishing properties. Burrs equipped with this cut are exceedingly useful for general applications. Professional handling is guaranteed by carbide burrs that come with the double cut (Cut 6). They produce shorter chips and operate with minimum vibrations. With this set Klingspor offers burrs that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Optimum results in day-to-day use

The benefits of the carbide burrs presented here include their exceptionally variable range of applications. This versatility ensures that do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike will find the burr that offers the right properties for the specific material and workpiece they need to process. Klingspor attaches principal importance to ensuring that their products deliver consistently high quality and the highest possible level of safety. This is guaranteed by the rigorous inspection to which every carbide burr HF 100 M is subjected. Klingspor inspects, for instance, every single welded joint. Consequently, customers can rest assured that the products will enjoy a long lifetime and deliver maximum safety during use.