HF 100 N Carbide burrs

Burr HF 100 N also makes short work of difficult-to-access areas

The burr HF 100 N is an angular burr that is made without an end cut. Its special shape makes it the ideal choice whenever applications call for work on bevelled inner edges in places that are hard to reach. Another area of application for this burr are conical profiles. What is more, this carbide burr also produces outstanding work results in many other possible use cases. The tool meets the requirements set out in DIN 8032. Its properties make this carbide burr ideal for processing

  • cast iron,
  • highly heat-resistant materials,
  • construction steel, and
  • NF metal.

A tool matching a host of different materials

This burr made of carbide metal is available in a wide variety of sizes and versions. The expansive selection options available for the burr HF 100 N make it possible for the user to process materials of different strengths. The type of cut, the number of teeth and the angles of twist and rake should preferably be adapted to each material to be processed. Its high cutting performance lets this burr combine work results of superior precision with short processing times. Burrs furnished, for instance, with a standard cut (Cut 2) are a good option for general applications. Work with a double cut (Cut 6) generates only minimum vibrations and thus contributes to reduced work strain. At the same time, this quality results in improved handling and work results of outstanding quality thanks to smaller chips. The high-performance cut for applications on steel, the so-called Cut 10, delivers a stock removal rate that is substantially higher than that of Cut 6. Klingspor makes the burr HF 100 N available in different custom sizes and cuts.

Regular quality inspections guarantee safety and a long life

The unique properties of the burr HF 100 N contribute to safety at work. The tools provide for impact-free operation and minimise the load on the prime mover. Klingspor verifies the quality of each product before it leaves the factory. Crucial in terms of a long lifetime and the safe use of the products is a close inspection of all solder points on the burr. Equally important to safety at work is the compliance with all maximum speeds that have been designated for the corresponding tool.