DT 350 U Extra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete

Suitable for wet and dry use Laser welded
Class Extra
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Construction materials
Building construction
Construction businesses
Drywall installations
Gardening and landscaping
Heating, plumbing

Diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra for construction materials

The diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra has been designed for work on

  • construction material and
  • concrete

. The focus of this product is on construction materials, which place tremendous requirements on the performance of a cutting blade – which is why the blade has been fitted with laser-welded standard segments. The user benefits from a smooth and fast cutting experience with minimum vibrations combined with an excellent service life. The standard gullet used for this product allows the blade to achieve a rapid feed rate and deliver excellent cutting performance under the most varied conditions. Just as with all products grouped in the Extra performance class, the customer benefits from an optimum price-performance ratio. The 300 product line is thus geared towards customers who demand professional performance from their cutting tool, but do not use it on a continuous basis.

Diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra in various different versions

Klingspor makes the diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra available in versions that match each specific application. The blades are suitable for use in/at gardening and landscaping, building yards and many other operating sites. It is versatile enough to be used on a variety of machinery, such as angle grinders or joint cutters. A good option is to pair the product with joint cutters offering a capacity of 20 kW. The product is available in a variety of diameters. During use, it is important to pay attention to the maximum permissible speed.

Cutting blade with superior safety

As a founding member of the oSa, Klingspor attaches prime importance to the safety of all of their products. The oSa is the the Centre of Excellence for the safety of abrasives. All products are subjected to extensive tests and thorough inspections to guarantee perfect operability and reliability. What is more, the cutting blades also comply with safety standard EN 13236. Among the products that benefit from this level of care is the diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra. To constantly improve the safety and performance of their diamond tools, Klingspor invests heavily in research and development. These investments allow for ongoing increases in performance, which prove beneficial to professional users and do-it-yourselfers alike.