DT 600 U Supra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced, Chalky sandstone

Suitable for wet and dry use Laser welded
Class Supra
Segmentation Short segments
Design Laser welded
Service life
Construction materials
Cured concrete, reinforced
Chalky sandstone
Building construction
Building yards
Construction businesses
Drywall installations
Electricians, Electrical installation
Gardening and landscaping
Heating, plumbing
Natural stone businesses

The DT 600 U Supra for a wide range of applications

The diamond cutting blade DT 600 U Supra is a highly versatile Klingspor product that is guaranteed to deliver maximum cutting performance on a wide range of construction materials. These include

  • concrete,
  • cured concrete, and
  • chalky sandstone.

Powerful Klingspor quality for professionals and hobby craftsmen

The DT 600 U is a member of Klingspor's Supra class of high-performance products. This means that it satisfies the highest standards of professionals at an unmatched price-performance ratio. The tools Klingspor makes available in the Supra performance class are also exceptionally reliable and guaranteed to produce top-tier results in day-to-day use.

Exceptionally equipped for an extensive range of applications

Its suitability for a wide array of construction materials makes this cutting blade equally ideal for garden and landscape construction, building yards and road building as well as construction above and below ground. But, other trade sectors benefit from this quality product as well. Better yet, amateurs and hobby craftsmen will also be delighted by this cutting blade as they will not have to fear any loss in quality even if using the blade constantly.

Clean edges thanks to the standard gullet

Klingspor’s special short segments have proven to be the best match with diamond cutting blades. The arrangement of the segments provides for both excellent cutting performance and clean edges during precision grinding and cutting processes. This holds true for both a variety of construction materials and other mineral-based materials such as natural stone or chalky sandstone. The segmentation is perfectly matched with the core of the diamond cutting blade. This ensures consistent performance with no loss in quality combined with a long service life.

Maximum quality and certified safety

All products made by Klingspor satisfy the highest standards in terms of safety and quality. The user will find essential information about the tool printed on every cutting blade. The information also references the oSa and the European safety standard, which set manufacturing requirements that are met by all Klingspor products. Klingspor's ongoing research and development efforts have had their share in the significantly improved quality of the company’s diamond tools.