DT 900 FT Special Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Stoneware, Stove tiles, Stove tiles, glazed, Granite

Suitable for wet and dry use Turbo segment
Class Special
Segmentation Turbo continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Stove tiles
Stove tiles, glazed
Floor tilers
Gardening and landscaping
Kitchen cabinet makers

Diamond cutting blade DT 900 FT Special

Made to be paired with angle grinders, the professional cutting blade DT 900 FT Special by Klingspor has been designed for extremely demanding applications and delivers outstanding results during work on

  • stoneware,
  • tiles,
  • glazed stove tiles, and
  • granite.

Measuring only 1.4 millimetres, the thin blade plus the turbocontinuous rim are sure to produce clean and chip-free edges, creating a flawless appearance especially in the visible areas of the workpiece. The robust and long-lasting design of blade and cutting edge also allows for effortless cutting through granite - despite the high density and resulting hardness of this material.

The Special product line by Klingspor

Offered as part of the 900 product line, the diamond cutting blade DT 900 FT Special ranks among Klingspor’s highest performing tools. Best cutting performance, maximum aggressiveness and a long service life make this tool the ideal choice for the toughest jobs. Steep requirements on performance and reliability during use are no problem at all for this cutting blade – and the result is never anything but immaculate and convincing. The key quality and performance characteristic of this product is its turbo continuous rim, as it ensures clean edges and precise work thanks to its exceptionally smooth operation. The diamond cutting blade is designed for stoneware, tiles and granite and can be purchased with different diameters, allowing customers to pick the cutting blade that is perfect for their particular application.

The benefits of Klingspor diamond tools

Klingspor’s continuous research and development efforts guarantee the exceptional performance of the diamond cutting blades and all other tools made by Klingspor. The perfect matching of rim and core is both a distinguishing quality feature of the blades and the basis for maximum performance. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 FT Special is suitable for use in professional environments and performs especially well when used on hard and brittle mineral-based materials. Complying with both the requirements set out in DIN EN 13236 and the strict oSa guidelines, Klingspor's products offer a high level of safety for the user and are guaranteed to deliver excellent work performance.