DT 900 R Special Large diamond cutting blades for Firebrick, Stoneware

Suitable for wet use Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Narrow/wide gullet
Design Laser welded
Service life

Large diamond cutting blade DT 900 R Special for furnace and chimney construction

Especially during use on firebrick, refractory brick and stoneware will the large diamond cutting blade DT 900 R Special shine with its outstanding properties. These include

  • ultra-fast cutting speed,
  • extra long service life and
  • clean cutting performance.

A member of the Special product line, the large diamond cutting blade made by Klingspor offers a rapid feed rate thanks to its wide gullet rim and is an exceptionally good choice for continuous professional use and the ideal tool for furnace and chimney constructors. The tool produces precisely cut edges, ensuring exceptional fitting accuracy and perfect joints even in visible areas.

Product line Special – professional quality made by Klingspor

The large diamond cutting blade DT 900 R Special has been engineered for the table saw and delivers ultimate aggressiveness for optimal cutting results and outstanding service during continuous use - just like all other high-performance tools included in the Special product line. The Special product line is the best choice for users who expect their tools to deliver ultimate performance and dependability even under heavy duty use. Available in different sizes, the cutting blade DT 900 R Special offers the user exceptional ease of operation - even when cutting large workpieces.

Safe tools made by Klingspor

Klingspor diamond cutting tools are subjected to voluntary testing according to the strict oSa guidelines and the provisions of the DIN EN 13236. Since manufacturing in house, Klingspor can guarantee a perfect interplay of rim and core. The continuous further development applied by Klingspor guarantees diamond cutting blades that combine superior performance with exceptional user safety. To increase safety further, all basic safety information should be observed. Safety also requires that the work machines and the cutting blade be inspected prior to use and that the correct direction of rotation and the maximum permissible speeds be observed. To ensure a long service life and prevent premature wear, diamond cutting blades must not be exposed to excessive pressure and only be used for straight cuts.