DT 900 U Special Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced, Chalky sandstone

Turbo segment
Suitable for wet and dry use Turbo segment 12 mm height of segments Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Turbo
Design Laser welded
Service life
Construction materials
Cured concrete, reinforced
Chalky sandstone
Hard stone
Building construction
Building yards
Construction businesses
Drywall installations
Electricians, Electrical installation
Gardening and landscaping
Heating, plumbing

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special – maximum endurance, supreme quality

The diamond cutting blade DT900 U Special by Klingspor is aggressive. Razor-sharp and titanium-coated, the diamonds deliver uncompromising performance when cutting through

  • construction materials,
  • concrete,
  • cured concrete,
  • reinforced cured concrete,
  • chalky sandstone and
  • nearly any other type of hard stone.

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special has been designed to perform at the limit and to deliver unsurpassed service life. Since it comes with a 22.23 mm hole, it will fit on almost any standard angle grinder. If the diameter of the mounting is smaller, the DZ 100 RR reduction ring will come to the rescue and provide for an exceptionally secure connection.

Turbo segments: Extremely high cutting speed on almost all construction materials

The special turbo segments allow for an exceedingly high cutting speed on nearly all types of hard materials. Meanwhile, the notches in the core effectively prevent the generation of high temperatures. The result is exact cuts. Even when used for cutting extra brittle material or steel struts in cured concrete, the diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special will perform with perfect reliability. Working for hours with an angle grinder often causes fatigue. Not so with the diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special: Thanks to its extraordinary aggressiveness it can be guided with great ease and precision. The user makes quick headway and produces work results of the highest quality. The diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special makes no compromises when it comes to safety: Apart from complying with European safety standard EN 13236, it also meets the stringent requirements defined in the oSa guidelines.

Incomparable quality guaranteed: The diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special by Klingspor

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special is a product of Klingspor’s series 900 Special. This product series epitomises the highest quality and was conceived for continuous use under the toughest conditions. The experts at Klingspor constantly verify this quality with production checks that accompany the entire manufacturing process. From the certified raw materials to the fully manufactured cutting blade. Every step must satisfy the rigorous criteria. To guarantee their exceptionally long service life, Klingspor manufactures the products exclusively at their own production facility. This is to ensure that the diamond cutting blade DT 900 U Special will always keep what Klingspor promises with conviction.