DT 902 B Special Large diamond cutting blades for Cured concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced

Suitable for wet and dry use Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Wide gullet
Design Laser welded
Service life
Cured concrete
Cured concrete, reinforced
Road building

The large diamond cutting blade DT 902 B Special by Klingspor – also suitable for heavily reinforced concrete

With the large diamond cutting blade DT 902 B Special for use on a joint cutter Klingspor is offering a tool that delivers outstanding performance on

  • cured concrete and
  • reinforced cured concrete.

This cutting blade also performs exceedingly well on more heavily reinforced concrete. It is available in a wide variety of diameters to ensure compatibility with joint cutters of different sizes.

Work with rapid speed: wide gullet and high aggressiveness

The Klingspor large diamond cutting blade DT 902 B Special comes with a wide gullet. Such a wide gullet allows for a high feed rate and, in consequence, fast cutting speeds. This is why users working with this cutting blade will also be able to cut long joints into cured concrete in no time at all. The DT 902 B Special has been designed for use with a joint cutter and is distinguished by its tremendous aggressiveness and exceptionally good cutting performance. Another essential feature is its extended service life, a key aspect affecting the overall cost of the tools that are used by a company.

The tools in the Special performance class: For particularly tough jobs and continuous use

Assigned to the Special performance class, which corresponds to Klingspor’s product line 900, the large diamond cutting blade DT 902 B Special is a high-performance tool. It can be used for even the most challenging applications and delivers outstanding cutting performance even during use on heavily reinforced cured concrete. The Special performance class is Klingspor’s highest performance category. Below this category are the Supra class, which holds tools that are also suitable for day-to-day use, and the Extra performance class, which features tools that have been engineered for temporary use. The necessary safety across all of these classes has been ensured by compliance with the European safety standard and testing in accordance with oSa guidelines. The acronym oSa stands for the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasive Tools, an association that was founded by renowned European manufacturers of abrasives and abrasive tools. The large diamond cutting blade DT 902 B Special by Klingspor has been certified to bear their seal of quality as well.