DZ 100 RR Reduction rings

Reduction rings DZ 100 RR by Klingspor – always the right diameter

The reduction rings DZ 100 RR made by Klingspor are the perfect complement for

  • diamond cutting blades.

They are available in different heights, diameters and reductions. The exhaustive selection allows the user to combine the cutting blades with nearly all angle grinders.

Reducing the hole diameter – to make the abrasive disc fit on the angle grinder

Manufacturers of diamond cutting blades primarily focus on producing blades that will fit the most common dimensions. It is also more profitable to keep only the most common products in stock to ensure quick delivery. There might be instances, however, where the available abrasive material does not have the necessary dimensions that would fit a particular angle grinder model. In a different scenario, the existing premium cutting blades available in the stock of materials might no longer be compatible with the new angle grinder. These are exactly the types of use cases for which the reduction rings DZ 100 RR have been devised: The blade is converted to match a suitable hole in a way that is quick and affordable. The knurled reduction ring DZ 100 RR fits exactly into the hole of the blade – allowing for a quick bore reduction with minimum effort. Thanks to the reduction ring DZ 100 RR the cutting blades can be clamped into the machine with perfect accuracy.

Serration for enhanced adhesion and secure grip

The outer edge of the reduction rings DZ 100 RR is furnished with a fine serration. This keeps the ring from slipping inside the mounted blade, providing for enhanced adhesion. Before mounting the blade, the user presses or drives the reduction ring into the blade they wish to use. Users selecting a reduction ring must take into account that the reduction ring needs to be thinner than the work material and is only used for centring. Otherwise, the blade will not be fastened sufficiently - possibly causing it to become loose or even brake.