C 24 Extra Kronenflex® large cutting-off wheels for Stone, Concrete

Class Extra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain SiC
Service life
Construction above and below ground
Gardening and landscaping
Road building
Stonemason businesses

Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra for stone and concrete

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra cuts stone and concrete with utmost speed and dependability. The wheel is a good choice for all mineral-based materials and relies on exceptionally sharp and coarse SiC grain. The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra is intended for use on petrol driven saws / cutters operating with a cutting speed of 80 m/s. Klingspor offers this product with a

  • flat design and with
  • different bore sizes

. The product is geared towards professional users who require a versatile cutting-off wheel of the Extra performance class to accomplish their cutting tasks.

Improved performance thanks to quality grain

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra is furnished with the same synthetically made grain that Klingspor uses for all of their other abrasives and cutting tools. The synthetic manufacturing process offers tremendous advantages in terms of durability, wear characteristics and the uniformity of the produced results. It allows for cuts that are exceptionally precise and clean. Grouped in the Extra performance class and designed for universal use, the product presented here is marked by a particularly appealing price-performance ratio. Tested in accordance with oSa guidelines, the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra also conforms to safety standard EN 12413.

Premium raw materials for premium results

The Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra owes its exceptional aggressiveness and service life to the exclusive use of high-quality materials. Klingspor pays meticulous attention to matching bond and grain perfectly to each and every application in order to ensure results of impeccable quality. The selection of resins and filler materials allows for exceedingly fine and precise adjustments to the intended purpose of use. Users can expect the same exquisite quality in the glass fibre cloth that has been incorporated into the Kronenflex large cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra as a reinforcement insert. This insert gives the wheel the extra stability it needs during continuous use. This glass fibre cloth plays a key role in the product's ability to stand up to the strong lateral loads to which it is inevitably subjected during both stationary and off-hand cutting. The product offers the complete package in terms of durability.