A 24 Extra T Kronenflex® grinding discs for Metals

Class Extra
Bonding agent Synthetic resin, fibre-reinforced
Grain Aluminium oxide
Service life
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Locksmith's shop
Metal construction
Plant engineering

Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 Extra T for metal

The Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 Extra T are extra hard, highly versatile, and designed for work on metal. This grinding disc has been engineered for perfect results during

  • surface grinding,
  • the challenging task of edge work and
  • the removal of burrs.

Good and long service life are among the benefits that distinguish the A 24 Extra T with a depressed centre. Klingspor has engineered this product to cater to professional users who wish to produce results that are of unparalleled quality.

Maximum safety during use

Klingspor puts the safety of their products first. This is why the grinding disc A 24 Extra T is tested rigorously in accordance with oSa guidelines. Compliance with all provisions of European standard EN 12413 is assured as well. At the same time, the wheels stand out with their consistently high aggressiveness and strike the perfect balance between stock removal and service life. Better yet, the product will retain this quality throughout its useful life. The user can therefore depend on this product at all times.

The grinding discs of the Extra performance class are highly versatile

The grinding discs Klingspor makes available in the Extra class are intended for customers who require tools for universal use. Klingspor also attaches primary importance to using only raw materials of the finest quality. This is the only way to assure optimum grinding results every time. The careful selection of raw materials is also evident in the grain: Since all grains are manufactured synthetically, their properties are guaranteed to never change. The user can therefore expect uniform results over a great many work hours. This quality is for professional projects.