QRC 412 Quick Change Discs for Metals, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
NF metals

QRC 412 – Multi-functional abrasive disc for coarse and intermediate grinding

The QRC 412 Quick Change Discs quick roll connect are the perfect tool for coarse and intermediate grinding in metalworking businesses and the workshop of any keen do-it-yourselfer. Powerful and built with superior craftsmanship, these abrasive discs are perfect for work on

  • metal and
  • NF metal.

Professional users will appreciate the high removal rate, the outstanding economy and the short set-up times brought about by the quick tool change that is made possible by these handy abrasive discs. And, do-it-yourselfers will delight in the straightforward handling of the QRC 412 Quick Change Discs quick roll connect.

Aluminium oxide grain applied with a close coating

The QRC 412 Quick Change Disc quick roll connect are furnished with a aluminium oxide grain, as this abrasive material is exceedingly hard, tough and resistant to wear. Since the grain is applied with a close coating, nearly 100 % of the disc’s backing is covered with abrasive grain. The coating thereby combines a high removal rate with a long service life, ensuring that the product will last for a long time. The Quick Change Disc quick roll connect is a popular tool for coarse and intermediate grinding on metal, especially NF metal (e. g. brass, copper and aluminium, which are grouped among non-ferrous metals). Klingspor offers the QRC 412 Quick Change Disc with a wide variety of diameters and grit sizes.

Synthetic resin bond for a sturdy abrasive disc

Designed for professional use, the QRC 412 quick roll connect comes with a stable synthetic resin bond. Outstanding abrasive performance and a pleasantly low grinding pressure are the distinguishing qualities of this bond. Excellent grit adhesion and low heat generation under heavy loads round out the exceptional features of this product.

The right accessories for optimum results

The Quick Change Disc quick roll connect works in combination with the Klingspor backing pad QRC 555. The backing pad is the link that connects the abrasive disc with the tool. There is a different type of backing pad for every application: harder pads for a high removal rate and softer pads for greater flexibility, e.g. during work on profiled workpieces. Thanks to the QRC (Quick Roll Connect) system, the abrasive discs can be attached to the backing pad with a simple 180 degree turn in clockwise direction. The exceptionally smooth operation allows for work without tiring and for producing uniform finishes at the same time. The matching QCA 555 adapter makes it possible to fit the Quick Change Discs on all common angle grinders. Their quick installation improves work efficiency significantly.

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