LS 309 JF slashed Rolls with cloth backing for Metals, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing JF-cotton
Metal construction
Wood processing industry

LS 309 JF slashed – Sturdy abrasive roll for wood and metal

The slashed abrasive roll LS 309 JF is ideal for working on lathed and turned parts made of wood and metal. Available with different slot patterns, the abrasive roll with cloth-reinforced backing can be used for a great many applications and is a must-have for every workshop. It delivers the same outstanding performance when used by hand or fitted on orbital sanders. Equally well suited for coarse sanding and fine polishing, the abrasive paper produces the desired surface structure on lathed and turned parts made of metal and wood. The slotting ensures that the abrasive surface contours perfectly to the contact surface - even if it possesses a complex structure, making the product an ideal choice for moulded parts made of metal and wood.

Cloth-reinforced backing for extended durability

The stand-out feature of abrasives with cloth backing is their exceptional service life. This allows the slashed abrasive roll LS 309 JF to operate with superior economy. It also delivers an excellent removal rate, making it an outstanding choice for metal and hardwood materials. The prefabricated slots reliably prevent ruptures in the product when used for hand grinding. The abrasive roll adapts to all contours thanks to its flexible cloth.

Tips for accomplishing perfect grinding results

The slashed abrasive roll LS 309 JF produces flawless results every time - whether you use it for hand grinding or fit it on an orbital sander.

  • When combined with an orbital sander, the slashed abrasive roll LS 309 JF will produce a particularly fine scratch pattern on wood and metal. Their large contact surface makes orbital sanders the tool of choice for working on more extensive surfaces.
  • Sanding by hand is ideal for small surfaces, edges and interior corners.
  • The resulting fine dust needs to be cleared regularly to keep the abrasive from clogging. Doing so is imperative if you want to achieve the best possible result.

Protective eye and mouth gear ensures a high level of occupational health and safety and is mandated as a requirement by the Trade Association Wood and Metal (BGHM) in work environments with increased sanding /grinding dust pollution.